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AC Dismantling in Vadodara


When you don’t hire the right technicians, your AC dismantling and uninstallation can be quite a hassle. This is achieved seamlessly and efficiently at HighCool. We have qualified technicians for the AC uninstallation and installation that ensure zero damage to your AC and surrounding furniture. If you are moving your residence to a new location or re-installing the AC unit, we ensure breakage-free dismantling and reinstallation. We also arrange transportation of the device to the new site. Our work does not disturb or damage walls or window frames that surround it.

If you’re looking to buy a new air conditioner or if you’re planning to switch your currently fitted air conditioner to another venue, then we’re the right people to call and get the job done. The process starts with a call to intimate us that an AC uninstallation and installation is needed at your desired venue. We have the right equipment and tackles to get the job done perfectly. What’s more, we’d also determine the position of the installation and also recommend the best place the device can be installed and the tonnage deployment will also be measured.

AC AMC in Vadodara

If it is an existing air conditioner that has to be moved to a new location, then we are the right person to contact and deal with. You could just call us and intimate us for success and that’s enough. Our technician will visit the place of installation and finalise the location of the installation. We also get the machine pump down which would save money in refilling the gas and also reduce the time consumption.

For the sake of customer loyalty, we offer AC uninstallation and installation services at a cost-effective price, leave your complaints to us and we’ll fix it for you. We have a team of qualified technicians who can assist you with ac reinstallation and in less time, uninstall your air conditioner and more of the other services. For Window AC’s, Tower Ac’s, Split AC’s, Cassette Ac’s, and Ductable Ac’s we provide reinstallation and dismantling services.

HighCool has the best AC technicians, and the cost of our AC uninstallation service is very low. If you book AC service with HighCool, the service will be available on time, we have outstanding customer support to help you book the services you desire to avail. We also have on-demand AC installation and general service. Our AC technicians are skilled to uninstall and reinstall both Splits as well as Window AC.

  • If you would like to uninstall multiple AC units we can also provide one or more technicians
  • If you want AC to be uninstalled and installed on the same or different site, we will help you
  • Our technicians hold AC unit dismantling equipment
  • Our technicians don’t carry ladders or stools, so customers have to supply ladders or stools
  • The technician will come with a helper, depending on the work
  • Charges are quoted per the type of AC unit
  • We do AC uninstall service in Vadodara and surrounding areas
  • You can book both AC uninstall and instal in a single booking
  • Our technicians will dismantle all forms and types of Air Conditioners

The first question the shopkeeper will ask you when you go to buy AC in the market is how many tonnes of AC you need? Ton does not mean its weight here but it’s capacity to cool. How many tonnes of AC you need depends on a lot of factors such as room size, how many people live in the house, objects contained in the room (beds, cupboards, etc.), electrical appliances in the room, whether or not the room faces direct sunlight.

  • Window AC unit is unplugged: The AC unit is shut off and unplugged from the power outlet when the technician finishes uninstalling the AC panel.
  • Lagging and padding are removed: The AC unit is then unblocked wadding as the foam padding pushed against the device’s sides is disconnected.
  • Visible cover and air filter are aloof: The front cover of window AC is removed after the AC unit has been installed. Most Window AC facade covers can be removed without any device being used, although some require the use of a screwdriver.
  • The central unit is unconcerned from the outer case: Now, the private group of window AC is impassive from the outer case. The central unit can be drawn out of the case easily using some natural forte. Window AC is dense and needs dismantling by two men. AC uninstallation fees must be the only thing people don’t notice when uninstalling.
  • The outer unit is separated from the frame: The outer case is removed from the window unit with a screwdriver after the central unit is removed.
  • The power supply is switched off until dismantling a split AC is finished. Putting a bucket or tray underneath the central unit is directed to catch coolant or water leak.
  • Copper pipes and wires that link the unscrewed central split ac unit and that all are included in the AC Uninstallation Package.
  • Extracting the coolant before uninstalling split AC is fine.
  • The dismantled split AC, connecting copper wires, and cables are placed on the floor on a spread plastic sheet.
  • Extracting the coolant before uninstalling AC is fine. And for fast service know all about the AC uninstallation services near you.
  • It is guided to place a container or attempt to lock the coolant or water spill underneath the central device.
  • Both the Air Conditioner window and the split AC are heavy, hence it requires two people to dismantle or uninstall it.
  • Air filter and fan cleaning technician, switch to the outside and all are included in a close me uninstall the package.
  • AC condenser and coil dusting for the evaporator
  • Cleaning of the AC condenser and evaporator fan depends on its specifications.
  • Another important part of uninstallation service is drain cleaning and leakage testing
  • Check-in air conditioner for coolant level comes in charge of loading ac gas.
  • In the supervision of qualified technicians, the overall inspection of the AC unit and the AC uninstallation services are carried out.

AC Dismantling is done efficiently and easily at HighCool. Our qualified and skilled technicians, during the dismantling and re-installation, ensure zero damage to your AC and surrounding furniture. Whether you are moving your residence or re-installing the AC unit at a new location, HighCool guarantees breakage-free dismantling and re-installation.